The company MF MARCHIORI S.r.l. was founded in 1994 by the brothers Michele and Flavio Marchiori, with the aim to offer innovative solutions to plant-engineering issues in the industrial, port and engineering industries. In over 10 years of business, the company MF MARCHIORI S.r.l has been able to improve its skills in managing important activities in the industrial field and in railway maintenance in Italy and Europe.
The administrative headquarters is in Olmo di Martellago, in the province of Venice. Here, you also find the technical office to design systems, the laboratory for the construction of automation systems and the business warehouse.
MF MARCHIORI S.r.l. offers innovative solutions in the industrial plant engineering and, above all, in the field of power drives applied to the port and railway industry. Thanks to its experience, the company designs and sets up new plants to be applied to production processes and modernizes existing plants.
This happens by applying new technologies, the use of advanced automation systems and supervision as well as a proven partnership with leading companies of electronic and electromechanical products.